Yokomo YD-2S RWD Drift Assembly Chassis Kit – DP-YD2S


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Yokomo Have rerelease the popular YD2S Chassis for a limited time!

The YD-2 S lineup, which has a high-mount motor and high rear traction and is even more used on low-grip road surfaces such as P tiles and concrete, has a new one-piece resin chassis specification that excels in ease of handling! The YD-2 series’ original RWD drift front steering system and high-mount motor 4-gear transmission are mounted on a one-piece main chassis that provides a supple feeling with vibration absorption and moderate torsional rigidity. It suppresses the snag of the front tires and brings out the moist running like a real car. The high-mount motor draws out the roll, especially on low-grip surfaces, ensuring a stable ride even in slippery conditions. A reasonable price has also been realized by making the vehicle height adjustable oil shock and shock tower made of resin.

Main features
■Length: 425mm

■Width: 198mm


■Secondary reduction ratio: 1:2.6

■Overall weight: 1500g

■High mount motor

■4 gears rear Transmission

■New design Sealed type Gearbox

■Independent four wheels Double Wishbones Suspension

■High performance Super low friction Vehicle height adjustment type Oil damper

■Made of resin Main chassis

■Motor position3-stage adjustable aluminum Motor Mount Plate

■RWD High Angle Steering System

■49mm Bone Rear Universal Shaft

■Narrow Scrub Knuckle

■Large Rear Diffuser

The biggest feature of the YD-2 S PLUS is its high-mounted motor. By raising the rear center of gravity position compared to the previous YD-2 series, roll is induced to increase rear traction. However, simply installing the motor in a high position can reduce the maneuverability at the exit of corners and turnovers, delay the timing of acceleration, and make the machine difficult to operate. Therefore, in this “YD-2 S”, the gearbox has been completely designed for a completely exclusive purpose, avoiding unnecessary high mounting of the motor, and the motor position can be selected from three places in the front and rear, and we have succeeded in securing rear traction while maintaining driving performance.

 Inside a special gearbox that transmits drive from the spur gear through the bottom of the motor to the rear. The 4-gear transmission also has a structure that increases rear traction with rotational torque during acceleration, making it even more suitable for low mu road surfaces. The rear differential is equipped with a 4-pinion gear differential.

By changing the fixed position of the motor mount plate, the motor can be selected from three positions in front and rear. This allows you to fine-tune the weight balance and achieve the optimal balance according to the road surface you are driving.

Only short Li-po batteries are supported, but various battery mounting styles can be selected depending on the fixed position of the battery stopper. In addition to horizontal and vertical battery installation, in the case of horizontal installation, you can select from three positions at the front and rear, and you can adjust the front and rear traction by changing the weight balance.

The steering area is the same as the conventional YD-2 series. With the already well-established Ackermann ratio, it brings out the front run. Of course, aluminum optional parts can also be used in common.

* The photo is an assembly reference example. Because it is a prototype, it may differ from the actual product. The pictures are the assembled samples on prototype. It may changes at the production version without notice.

What you need to run the assembled kit: 2-channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), battery (Li-po 2 cell, square short size), charger, 1/10 size drift tires・Paint for wheels, motors, bodies (1/10 size drift), polycarbonate
The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, pinion gear, and other R/C electrics.


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