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At the age of 12 I had my very first Tamyia kit. Whilst building this kit and painting the Escort Cosworth body shell I found my passion for RC cars and ever since I’ve loved all things RC. Over the years I’ve been in and out of the hobby trying out different types of RC genres and every time I get a transmitter in my hand it reminds me of that feeling I had with my very first kit again.

Having over 20 years experience and following the trends I’ve always thought about having a career in this industry but never had the opportunity and finally, with the help of some friends, we have managed to start up RCKITOUT Ltd. It started as a project of two friends with a passion for all things RC offering custom body shells and quickly progressed on to stocking a wide range of products, in order to look after our customers after their builds and body shells were complete.

Our aim is to offer high quality custom shell building and chassis building services

with the intention to inspire our customers to find or further their passion in the RC industry and have that moment of joy we all crave; well until the batteries runout.



Custom Shell Building:

  • Choose from a wide range of shells (extended stock available)
  • Pick a colour and a design (we can replicate your real car)
  • Choose accessories to be fitted (body kits, spoiler, intercoolers, side mirrors etc)
  • We cut, shape, paint and fit up your new shell to a high standard.

Chassis Building:

  • Choose your chassis
  • Pick your electrics and any option parts/hop ups
  • Get us to build and fit components; complete package (ready to run) or just a rolling chassis

Take a look at our projects here, gallery

Welcome to RCKitout

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