Yokomo Racing Performer RPX-III 160A ESC – BL-RPX3


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The new RPX speed controller is finally here! The “RPX3” is the new flagship model that surpasses the performance of the previous RPX speed controller, which had established an unshakeable position as a speed controller for R/C cars!

While maintaining the overwhelming power that reaches maximum RPM instantly, the throttle feel has been optimized by smoothing out the RPM rise range, adding a controllable characteristic that prevents breakdowns even when power is increased.

Of course, an auto mode that changes boost in accordance with throttle opening is also included, enabling high-boost driving with a linear image. The boost value can now be increased to a maximum of 75, whereas in the past the upper limit was 60, and instantaneous power has reached a level far beyond the imagination.

Motor Type 540 Sensored
Motor Limit Over 4.5T
Operating Voltage Support 6V~12.6V
BEC Output 6V/7V (5A)
Case Size 33.3 x 35.9 x 19.6mm
Weight 39.5g (Include BEC cable)
Rated Current per Phase 160A

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