Yokomo Racing Performer Programmer for BL-RPX3 – BL-R26P3


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With the release of the new brushless speed controller BL-RPX3, we will release data for upgrading the existing BL-R26P programmer.

We will also release a dedicated programmer BL-R26P3 for RPX3, but you can use it for RPX3 by updating the programmer for R160/R100 to Ver 2.00. However, the upgraded programmer is only for RPX3 and cannot be used for R160/R100, so if you want to use it for R160/R100 again, you need to downgrade the firmware to Ver 1.20 using the same procedure.

* A micro SD card is required to read R26P data. In addition, please prepare a card reader etc. to write data to the micro SD card with a PC.

Firmware update data R26P Firmware ver2.00R.bin

Data for firmware down R26P Firmware ver1.20R.bin

Programmer R26P update procedure

1. Connect a card reader, etc., to your computer and insert a micro SD card.

2. Create a folder called “YOKOMO” in the micro SD card. In the case of Windows, create a new folder by right-clicking in the directory of the micro SD card → New → Folder and change the name to YOKOMO. For Mac, click and hold to perform the same operation.

3. Download the firmware update data R26P Firmware ver2.00R.bin and save it in the YOKOMO folder of the micro SD.

4. Remove the micro SD card from your computer and insert it into the micro SD card slot on the right side of the R26P programmer.

5. Power on the R26P programmer by connecting the R26P programmer to the ESC and powering it on, or by supplying power using a USB power supply (no need to connect to the ESC in this case).

6. On the program card initial screen (1: ENTER Link ESC), press the up button▲ on the program card.

7.2: Press the Enter button when the Firmware Update screen appears.

8.1: When the Load TF File screen appears, press the Enter button.

9. Check the Ver2.00 display and press the Enter button to start the program card update.

Ten. When Succeed is displayed on the screen, the update is finished. Turn off the power and you are done.

If you want to use the updated program card for BL-RPX3, RPXS for BL-R160, R100, please download Ver1.20 from Yokomo HP and change the version in the same procedure as above.

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