YD-2 Aluminum Adjustable Rear Short “H” Arm Kit (Purple/Bevel edge) Y2-P08RASA

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£ 96.99

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Aluminum variable rear short H-arm kit that best matches the limited purple version of the YD-2 series. It is possible to upgrade further with purple anodized parts that further enhance the vivid machine.
By shortening the suspension arm compared to the conventional rear lower suspension arm, traction performance around the rear is improved, allowing stable drift driving at deeper angles.
By adopting aluminum as the material of the arm, rigidity & accuracy & weight are greatly improved compared to resin parts. You can enjoy a higher level of drift driving with a controlled grip improvement and a linear operation feeling that is important for drift driving. Since spacers for adjustment are also set, it can be replaced with bolt-on, and detailed setting according to the road surface situation to be run is possible in a short time.

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