Rhino Racing C-LSD YD2 LIGHTWEIGHT Differential Assembly Unit – RR-610

  • RR-610-1
  • RR-610-1


YD2 Lightweight C-LSD (Centrifugal) CLSD Differential Assembly Unit
For SHARK / YD2 Transmission RR-610

Lightweight Features:

Increased throttle response
Faster reaction and weight savings
*lightweight version is the same as the regular version except it comes with a plastic main gear and housings.

The plastic is less than half the weight of the aluminum counterpart. 5.8g versus 12g


Off Throttle – The off power works the same way as a standard open diff.

On Throttle – When the throttle is engaged, the diff will become more locked and will give you more forward traction. Which will make the car faster.

This style of active centrifugal diff gives you the best of both worlds

Overall performance will be increased.

*The recent batch of YD2-S gear boxes differ slightly from the older batches and might require some customization (shaving) for perfect fit. R,Z,E Series Transmissions are not effected

*Drivecup protectors are not included and are required


1 x Main Gear (Plastic)
2 x Side Housing Halves (Plastic)
1 x Set of HARD Springs
1 x Set of SOFT Springs
1 x Thrust Bearings Assembly
8 x Internal Pinion Gears
4 x Pins
4 x Pins
2 x Pinions
2 x Drive Cups
2 x O-Rings
2 x Bearings
2 x Green Housing Gaskets
1 x Pack of Pinion Shims

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