Reve D RDX RWD Drift Car kit RKD-RDX


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£ 239.99

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The NEW Reve D “RDX” RWD Drift car kit which achieves consistently high control performance and powerful driving regardless of skill level, road surface conditions or course layout.

It uses lightweight and highly rigid graphite composite resin parts that are both easy to assemble and difficult to break.

By making the arms and tie rods fixed, even users who are making RC cars for the first time can completely reproduce the optimum alignment for drift driving just by assembling according to the instruction manual without any difficult adjustments.

The battery can be equipped with short batteries (horizontal / vertical / thin / thick) long batteries and almost all 2s LiPo or 7.2v NiMh batteries currently on sale.

Please try the RC drift car kit RDX, which could feel the new standard of RWD drift trends but also can be enjoyed by a wide range of beginners to advanced users.

N.B. The kit does not come with the electrical items shown in the images


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