Reve D RDX EZ Type Wheel Hub Hex 7.0mm D1-011R70


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£ 14.49

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The Reve D aluminium EZ type rear wheel hub that can be attached to the rear axle of Reve D RDX. The RDX, it effectively suppresses core shake and allows for smooth rotation. In addition, by holding down the pin that fixes the hub with an O-ring, it stabilizes the rotation and prevents the pin from coming off when the wheel is attached or detached. With two widths available – 5mm & 7mm.

Reve D also prepared aluminium wheel spacers that can be used for maintenance set and tread fine adjustment.

Available in the following

  • D1-011R50: EZ Type Rear Wheel Hub 5mm
  • D1-011R70: EZ Type Rear Wheel Hub 7mm

Option Parts

  • D1-011S: Alu. Wheel Spacer 0.5mm & 1mm


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