Reve D RDX Alu. Battery Stopper (2pcs) D1-118A


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The Reve D lightweight and stylish aluminium battery stopper, which has been well received in the Reve D MC-1, has been carefully selected as the parts necessary for installation on the RDX and newly subjected to SE (shiny edge) processing.

The sharp shape and SE (shiny edge) processing applied to the edges improve the sense of luxury while minimizing waste and reducing weight while firmly holding the battery.

Please try the aluminium battery stopper, which greatly improves the ease and luxury of battery replacement!

Please Note:

  • 2 sets of this product are required to install 2 sets on one side (4 sets in total). In addition to mounting two sets on one side, it is possible to hold the battery by mounting one set on each side.

Please adjust with a separate spacer etc. according to the size (length) of the battery to be used.

*The SE-processed stopper parts have the same shape as the parts attached to the MC-1 battery stopper (M1-118A, M1-118B).




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