Reve D Aluminum Suspension Mount No.2 (42.8-46.0mm) SE RD-301-2


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Reve D have done it again! The lightweight and highly rigid aluminium suspension mount series SE (Shiny Edge) spec!

The lineup includes a total of 9 types, from No.1 with the shortest length of 39.2mm to No.9 with the longest length of 68.0mm

The aluminium suspension mount, which is lightweight yet highly rigid, does not cause alignment changes even when a load is applied while driving, and the suspension movement is more precise, achieving stable traction.

The Line-up

  • RD-301-1:Alu. Suspension mount No.1 (39.2-42.4mm)
  • RD-301-2:Alu. Suspension mount No.2 (42.8-46.0mm)
  • RD-301-3:Alu. Suspension mount No.3 (46.4-49.6mm)
  • RD-301-4:Alu. Suspension mount No.4 (50.0-53.2mm)
  • RD-301-5:Alu. Suspension mount No.5 (53.6-56.8mm)
  • RD-301-6:Alu. Suspension mount No.6 (57.2-60.4mm)
  • RD-301-7:Alu. Suspension mount No.7 (60.8-64.0mm)
  • RD-301-8:  Alu. Suspension mount No.8 (64.4-67.6mm)
  • RD-301-9: Alu. Suspension mount N0.9 (68.0-71.2mm)

Please use the dedicated suspension bush, RD300-BS (Plastic suspension mount bush)


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