HYDRA – STANDARD – Chassis Deck Kit For Rhino Racing SHARK – 900100


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£ 144.99

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HYDRA – STANDARD – Chassis Deck kit for Rhino Racing SHARK – 900100

We have been developing the HYDRA chassis for some time now. The Rhino Racing SHARK is arguably one of the coolest mods in a long time. Their amazing steering system(DDSS) and transmission (Shark Conversion) is very cutting edge.

There seemed to be an opportunity to shed some weight, and actually have some chassis thickness choices for more flex or less. This light weight chassis deck kit is half the weight of the SHARK deck. Features HYDRA etched on the bottom.

This chassis is for a standard fixed wheelbase.

The HYDRA conversion comes in two formats along with an optional bumper and different thickness upper decks.

Standard and Flex.


1 x STANDARD Hydra Chassis Lower Deck
1 x Hydra Upper Deck
1 x DDSS Aluminum Bracket (replaces original DDSS rear mount for deck installation)
2 x Battery Mount Standoffs (extends battery carbon winglets so it can fit SHORTY sized battery)

*this is a conversion kit you need a SHARK to complete it, this is the lower and upper decks




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