Yokomo Rookie Drift RD 1.0 Assemble Kit (with YG-302 Gyro) RDR-010G


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With a supple and adaptable resin main chassis and a sealed gearbox, the new Rookie Drift RD1.0 prefabricated drift car with the perfect configuration for street drifting!

Double wishbone suspension supported by oil-filled dampers and drift-specific springs captures the road surface reliably, and combined with the overwhelming steering angle, it is possible to drive at deep drift angles. The responsive three-gear transmission also helps optimize weight balance, reducing fatal understeer in drift and enabling long-range drifting.

Even as standard kits, it is possible to adapt to various driving conditions by changing the settings, but if you incorporate optional parts that have already been released, you can complete an original machine with even higher driving performance. From suspension settings to drivetrain tuning, weight reduction with carbon parts, and increased rigidity with aluminum parts, you can enjoy the menu just like a real car tuning car.

Main features
■ Length: 425mm■ Width: 198mm■ Wheelbase: 256mm

■ Secondary reduction ratio: 1:2.6
■ Overall weight: 1500g
■ YG-302 High-performance steering gyro included
■ 3-gear rear Transmission
■ 3 parts Sealed gearbox■ Made of resin Integrated front bulkhead
■ Independent four wheels Double wishbone Suspension
■ Front short suspension arm
■ High performance Vehicle height adjustment type Oil damper

■ Plastic One-piece Main Chassis
■ 13-step adjustable Aluminum Motor Mount
■ RWD High Angle Steering System
■ 49mm Bone Rear Universal Shaft
■ LS Rear Loass Arm
■ Large Rear Diffuser

The highly reliable suspension has a wide variety of optional parts to improve performance, and can respond to various driving conditions.

Equipped with a large urethane bumper, it protects the chassis from crashes.

The steering angle, which is important for drift driving, is overwhelming. It offers increased control even at deep drift angles.

RWD Drift comes with an essential steering gyro, which allows you to start drifting radio control at a reasonable price.

Since the motor mounting position can be selected from 13 levels, it is possible to change the running characteristics by changing the weight balance.

The chassis rigidity can be changed by rearranging the rear brace. On the lower side, the motor can be mounted lower, promoting a lower center of gravity.

Since two types of battery holders are included, it is possible to install a short-size Li-po battery that is often used as a battery for RC cars, as well as a short-size Li-po battery that advanced people like.

An oil damper that fills the cylinder with oil and dampens it is standard equipment. The ride height can be easily adjusted by adjusting the spring tensioner.

3-gear mission with good response. The sealed gearbox protects the gear from sand and pebbles that can be rolled up while driving.

The gearbox is divided into three parts, and by removing the case cap on the rear side, it is possible to easily maintain the differential.

* The photo is an assembly reference example. Because it is a prototype, it may differ from the actual product.

What you need for running the assembly kit
: 2-channel propo set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), battery (Li-Po 2 cells), charger, 1/10 size Drift tires and wheels, motor, 1/10 size Drift body, polycarbonate paint

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