YD-2R Graphite High Traction Main Chassis Y2-002ZMG

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It is a high traction main chassis that can be used for the YD-2R series with rear motor specifications. It features a 2.5mm thick matte graphite with a bold lightening design, and it is a specification that enhances traction by taking advantage of the suppleness of the chassis. In particular, the softness around the rear of the chassis makes it easier for the rear roll motion to be applied directly to the rear tires, making it possible to enhance the sense of stability during cornering.

In addition to the horizontal battery near the rear, which is peculiar to the R series, by using a graphite battery holder (Y2-118CG) together, it is possible to install a battery placed inline with length of chassis. If you want to increase the rear traction while suppressing the deterioration of exercise performance due to excessive roll, a very effective weight balance is achieved. (Upper deck post cannot be used)

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