SKY RC NC1500 AA/AAA Charger – SK-100154

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Original price was: £ 26.99.Current price is: £ 25.64.


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Original price was: £ 26.99.Current price is: £ 25.64.

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Charging batteries is usually a primitive, boring and mundane activity, and it still is. What matters during the charging process, especially for AA/AAA NiMH battery charging? No doubt, accuracy and safety!
The creation of NC1500 not only arises out of the need but also from the desire to have a simple but safe and accurate charger for the battery.
NC1500 has four independent slots and supports AA/AAA NiMH batteries, offers a maximum charge rate of 1500mA.

Four Independent Slot

1-4 pcs of NiMH AA, or AAA can be charged at the same time in any combinations.

3 Working Modes

Charge Mode
Discharge Mode
Refresh Mode

Battery Internal Resistance Detection

At the start of a program, the device always performs a quick standard test first in order to determine the internal battery resistance. Aged or poor condition batteries have a higher IR and therefore heat up more during charge or discharge. The values are estimates and will vary depending on the state of the batteries and operation environment.

Convenient Operation

Powered by smartphone charger, any standard USB adaptor, power banks, and car chargers.

Comply with safety and EMC regulation

NC1500 complies with the laws and regulations into each country we ship. Our products are designed, tested and approved to meet worldwide standards for Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and other regulatory compulsory requirements, when used for their intended purpose.

Includes charger unit and USB cable.



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