Reve D USB Programmer (2022) RS-PGCA

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£ 29.99

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It is a USB programmer that makes it possible to support a wide range of RWD drift users from beginners to advanced users with the capabilities of RS-STA servo.
By selecting STANDARD mode or REVOX mode, you can set the recommended values for both case that using another brand of Gyro or the Reve D REVOX gyro.

In addition, by adjusting the following 10 types of setup items, it is possible to make settings according to various driving environments and drift driving skills and feel.

An extension cord for easier setup is also included!

New features

  • REVOX mode: Recommended value when using REVOX gyro
  • Standard mode: Recommended value when using a gyro made by another company

Adjustable features

Set up application software

Click the DOWNLOAD button below to download.

Regarding supported OS

  • This machine is a programmer who sets each item with programming software. Please note that it is only perform with Windows.

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