Reve D RDX R-tune Spring Hard (2pcs) D1-SS1H


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Reve D RDX R-tune Spring Hard (2pcs) D1-SS1H (RED)

The new R-tune spring specially tuned for RDX car kit, which uses the amazing “SWO” material that has been proven in the R-tune series! By adopting a new “SWO” material and making it easier to induce initial subduction even at higher spring rates gives a strong kicking feeling and control performance are realised at a high level.

The spring length is 23mm, which is the shortest length in the Reve D product. By shortening the spring, it is possible to suppress the elongation of the suspension and apply the surface pressure to the tire stably both front and rear. It can be used for both the front and rear, and the line-to-line contact structure, which is popular in the R-tune spring series, continues to be used.

By swapping the top and bottom of the spring, it is possible to instantly adjust according to the road surface conditions and driving skill.

There are 3 types (soft, medium hard, hard).
Please try the R-tune spring for RDX that can be selected according to the vehicle weight and road grip!

  • D1-SS1H:RDX R-tune Spring Spring – Hard(2pcs)
    • Length (natural length): 23mm
    • Number of turns: 6
    • Shrink tube colour ID : Red

Introduction of 2WAY structure

  • Contact lines Down
    • Excessive suspension movement is suppressed, and stability is increased on low grip surfaces.
    • Recommending for low grip – P tiles and coloured concrete setting.
  • Contact lines UP
    • Feeling is stronger
    • Recommending for high grip – P tiles and Carpets setting.




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