Reve D PC Rear Spring Medium Hard (Pair) RD-010RMH


Reve D have developed this dual progression rear spring, specialized for road surfaces with comparatively low grip such as P tiles and painted concrete

The Reve D engineers did a lot of research selecting the material, steel quenching temperature and quenching time with many results to compare. Giving us a line up of three types of rear spring (Medium, Medium Hard, Hard) that can be selected according to the vehicle weight and road surface grip.

With the 2-way structure, the springs can be flipped up and down to instantly adjust to the circuit track conditions. Please refer the following explanation for details.

Main specifications of Medium Hard spring:

  • Length (natural length): 32mm
  • Number of turns: 10.0
  • Shrink tube colour ID: Yellow

PC Rear spring matching table:








Introduction of 2WAY structure:

When using with the contact area between lines facing up / Contact lines UP

If you use it with the wire-to-wire contact part on the top, the centre of gravity of the spring will be high, which will cause the suspension to sink.
Increases traction and strengthens kick-out when the throttle is on.

By raising the centre of gravity of the spring, the droop of the suspension is induced and the kicking out feeling is stronger.



When using with the line-to-line contact part facing down / Contact lines Down

When used with the wire-to-wire contact area facing down, the centre of gravity of the spring is lowered, suppressing excessive suspension movement. Recommended when you want to improve stability.

By lowering the centre of gravity of the spring, excessive suspension movement is suppressed and stability is increased on low grip surfaces.



Heat shrink tube for identification:

A heat shrink tube is included for easy identification of the spring.

  • Medium – Black
  • Medium Hard – Yellow
  • Hard – Red


Cut it to the desired length, attach it to the spring referring to the image, and warm it with a heat gun / hairdryer etc.

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