Reve D ASL Aluminum Lightweight Front Lower Arms (Pair) RD-002



Introducing ASL (aluminum super light) front lower arm!
Each part has been thoroughly analysed and where possible cut to achieve ultra-light weight while maintaining rigidity. By reducing the weight while maintaining rigidity, front grip and rollability are dramatically improved.

By adopting a clamp method for the arm part that uses a turnbuckle or set screw, it has become possible to adjust the length that was previously impossible with an aluminum suspension arm.

Set contents

  • Front lower arm (1 left and 1 right)
  • M2 x 5mm cap screw for clamping (2)

If you have lost the included M2 x 5mm cap screw, please purchase the following items. RC-001 M2 ? 5mm cap screw (4 pieces)

Use strong turnbuckles and set screws for the arm, such as iron or titanium. If you use a low-strength product such as aluminum, it may be damaged in the event of a crash. If it is damaged, some of the screws may remain inside the lower arm and cannot be removed.

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