Reve D Aluminium Suspension Mount No.7 (60.8-64.0mm) RD-300-7

  • RD-300-3
  • RD-300-3


The Reve D aluminium suspensions mounts have many fine tuning options available to them just be simply changing the bush.  Finished off with a cool chamfered edge, these are stylish too!

Width sizes available:

  • RD-300-1: Aluminium Suspension mount #1 (39.2-42.4mm)
  • RD-300-2: Aluminium Suspension mount #2 (42.8-46.0mm)
  • RD-300-3: Aluminium Suspension mount #3 (46.4-49.6mm)
  • RD-300-4: Aluminium Suspension mount #4 (50.0-53.2mm)
  • RD-300-5: Aluminium Suspension mount #5 (53.6-56.8mm)
  • RD-300-6: Aluminium Suspension mount #6 (57.2-60.4mm)
  • RD-300-7: Aluminium Suspension mount #7 (60.8-64.0mm)

Please use the dedicated suspension bush, RD300-BS (Plastic suspension mount bush)

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