KO BSx4S-one 10 Grasper 2 Drift Spec Servo – KO30218

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Original price was: £ 154.99.Current price is: £ 147.24.

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The KO BSx4S-one 10 Grasper 2 Drift Spec Servo.

5 patterns of presets available
Five presets are installed in the model memory of the Grasper2. You can use them properly according to the machine and road surface. Please use the servo model selector to switch the servo function that can handle various situations with one servo.

Model 1: High under steering setting
Model 2: Low under steering setting(Factory default)
Model 3: Neutral
Model 4: Low over steering setting
Model 5: High over steering setting
* Since the holding power of the 4th and 5th settings is very strong, a creaking noise will be heard when in neutral, but this is not a malfunction.

If you use telemetry function by the EX-NEXT, you can change parameter by transmitter menu. Or if other transmitter using, please use “Servo Model Selector for 4S” to switch models.
* The conventional servo model selector (No.61029) cannot be used.
*If you are using Gyro unit (ex KG-X), telemetry function cannot be used. please use “Servo Model Selector for 4S”.

Grasper’s unique holding power as like grasping the road has been further strengthened
Today’s RC cars have evolved and their marginal performance has improved. As a result, some drivers may find that conventional servos are not enough. The new product BSx4 Sone10 Grasper2 has been redesigned from the built-in brushless motor to improve torque and holding power.
Grasper’s greatest feature, “grasping the road” servo performance has been further enhanced. Even on the latest high-end machines, the Grasser 2 has enough holdingpower. (recommend for 1/10 category)

What is holding power
The holding force is the force that the servo shaft tries to hold a position. Grasper has meanings such as “grasping tightly” and “grasping firmly”, and is a name that expresses the characteristics of this servo that firmly captures the road surface.

Torque increased by 150% compared to conventional models
The torque of the conventional BSx3-one10 Grasper was 10.8Kg-cm (at 7.4V), but with the new Grasper2, the torque has been improved to 16.0Kg-cm. This achieved about 150% increase compared to the conventional model. Torque increased by 150% compared to conventional models.

#Maximum Torque: 16.0Kg-cm Maximum Speed: 0.09sec/60deg(@7.4V)
#Maximum Torque: 12.1Kg-cm Maximum Speed: 0.11sec/60deg(@6.0V)

#Dimensions: 40.5×26×21mm (Low Profile)
#Weight: 51.0g
#Operating voltage: 6.0~7.4V (Lipo, Life, Ni-MH)
#Brush-less motor
#Hard alumite aluminum gear
#Dual ball bearings
#Hard servo gear shaft
#Aluminum top case
#Aluminum heat sink middle case
#Black cable
#Gold plated connector
#Serial Compatible
#HCS Compatible

#Recommend category
1/10 EP Drift car

*The preset of drift may not output the maximum torque and maximum speed because the optimum parameters are set for drift driving, but can be changed with programming.

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