Axon Revoshock II Damper Kit For Yokomo YD-2 YD-4 – DD-YS-002

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Original price was: £ 109.99.Current price is: £ 98.99.

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RC Drifting is all about precision driving and these drift shocks are precision engineered to give you the edge when RC drifting!  Specifically, designed with the Yokomo YD2 RC Drift car series in mind but can be installed on most RC drift cars to give optimum control!

The outer diameter of the piston, which greatly affects the maximization of damper capacity, which is important for producing high traction, is 11.5 mm, which is the size of a high big bore. And the clearance between the piston and the cylinder is only 0.035mm in order to minimize the piston runout when the piston strokes. In addition, the front and rear pistons have different specifications, and we have developed a newly designed 12-hole and 16-hole piston, which has succeeded in significantly improving performance. The inner surface of the cylinder is mirror-finished and then finished with Axon’s original “HVF coating”, which is formed with a strong fluorine film, achieving ultra-low friction.

It is important that the suspension of the drift car has as low friction as possible. In REVOSHOCK II, the double floating O-ring used in the standard oil damper of Yokomo BD10 has been further softened, and low friction and airtightness * have been greatly improved. Furthermore, the size of the O-ring chamber has been reviewed, and the precision rod guide that has been optimized by tapering the contact surface with the O-ring has been standardized to create an ideal oil seal structure.
*Airtightness does not mean that there is a minimum amount of oil bleeding required for sliding lubrication of the piston rod, and no oil leaks at all.

REVOSHOCK II has developed and adopted a new diaphragm to obtain the best damper damping. Compared to the Precision Shock Bladder, the new “Precision Shock Bladder V2” has been newly designed to improve airtightness and prevent the internal pressure of the damper from changing extremely significantly. Therefore, the damper damping works widely and flexibly against changes in the behaviour of the machine, preventing sudden grip loss of the tire and maintaining traction.

The piston rod for REVOSHOCK II has a standard dimension setting of 0.001 mm and is mirror-finished, and then finished with Axon’s original “HVF coating”, which is formed of a strong fluorine film like a cylinder, to produce the best damping performance.

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